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  • 银豹 钻豹摩托图片U.S. Texas officials urge California companies to grow business in Lone Star State

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    Allen said Texas has attracted a number of big-name hi-tech companies to the state since 2014, such as Apple, Google, Toyota and Oracle.

    He praised Texas for being a state with a business-friendly climate, overall lower cost of living, and skilled workforce.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Texas officials and business leaders are urging Californian companies to find business opportunities and grow themselves in Texas, a Texas economic delegation said Monday.

    Robert Allen, president and CEO of Texas Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization that is leading the Texas business delegation, said Texas has a strong track record of attracting companies from California to expand or relocate to the state.

    Abbott vowed to create a favorable business environment for companies operating in Texas by eliminating bureaucracy and other barriers.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is part of the delegation that is in San Francisco on a trade promotion tour this week, said the Lone Star State, a nickname of Texas, is the "ultimate destination for economic success" for Californian companies and businesses.

    "From our world-class infrastructure to our strong right to work laws, Texas remains the envy of the nation," he said.

    Apple announced last December that it will build a new 1-billion-U.S.-dollar campus in Austin, Texas, which will cover an area of 133 acres (about 538,232 square meters). The new plant will generate 5,000 jobs at the beginning for the state, but the figure could grow up to 15,000 in the long run.

    Texas has no corporate or personal income tax, making it one of the U.S. states that has the lowest tax burdens across the country.

    Abbott urged Californian entrepreneurs to make "a fruitful investment in the Lone Star State."

    Toyota is another major company that has settled in Texas as it opened its 3500-million-dollar North American headquarters in Plano, Texas in 2017 after it left its longtime headquarters in Torrance, California.

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